Get the old HTC HD2 back alive

Long time ago, I received a HTC HD2 mobile phone, because the two former owners weren’t able to cope with the Window Mobile 6.5. To be honest, this Windows is crap, so I rommed the HTC HD2 to a MIUI Android, which was not longer supported than for Gingerbread. This release had its weaknesses, so I was unsucessfully looking for a ICS or JB ROM for HD2, until I’ve found Pacman.

With 512MB ROM, the HD2 has a little too less memory for ICS or JB, and without app2sd it’s practically useless. But withPacman ‘Xylograph’ built a HD2 ROM based on CM10/JB 4.1.2 and lots of other contributors, which finally fits in to Leo512 NAND. (Leo is the code name for the HTC HD2.) The ROM leaves out a lot of ‘need to have’ things, which you might never use. But, it also has very few ring and message tones.

So I was looking for to get free tones, and found a good collection on zedge.

Android Anrdoid

Putting Android on HTC HD2

Basically, I’ve got a HTC HD2 (Winmo 6.5) mobile phone from Patrick, to put Android on it. Because he believes, that Winmo 6.5 is unusable compaired to any Android or iOS based phone. I think, he’s right.

At the moment, this is more like a link collection, since I still need to get into the world of mobile “hacking”. However, this post should also then use as how-to – primarily for myself.

According to Rico, the most used Android custom ROMs are Cyanogenmod and MIUI. Cyanogen does not support HD2 by itself, but a lot of CM based custom roms are available.

Here a list of available ROMs on XDA-Developers:

This SD version I brought to run.

There is a Mega-How-to, which is partly useful.

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Recode VPodcasts for HTC Hero seems to have switched to a video podcast format, which is not supported by my HTC Hero (looks like they are preparing for the iPad). Though this is stupid, it seems I need to transcode the video podcasts before I can watch it. Here some links, I will update the post later with the actual way on how to recode.

It seems, that this forum thread has a real solution.

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Android Applications

Hier eine Liste der Applikationen aus dem Android Market, welche auf meinem HTC Hero laufen und ich benutze oder mal benutzt hatte.

Aktuell aktive Applikationen:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Battery Widget (Akkustatus in Prozent auf der Startseite)
  • Bonsai Blast (wie Zuma)
  • BoozeMeter (darf ich noch Auto fahren?)
  • Bubble (Wasserwaage)
  • Compass (nomen est omen)
  • Droid Mini Golf (addictive)
  • Droid48 (HP48 Emulator, ein Must!)
  • FileDroid Lite (Filebrowser)
  • GDocs (Texteditor mit Synchronisation zu Google Docs)
  • Meridian (Video Player)
  • ScummVM (ja! ja! ja!)
  • Solitaire
  • TasKiller
  • Text Edit (einfacher Plaintext Editor)

Interessante Applikationen, aber ich brauch die grad nicht:

  • Beer Cloud (ich hatte noch nie ein Bier in der DB gefunden)
  • Dildroid (nicht ganz jugendfrei)
  • TubThumper (Drumpad)
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Als Dead-on-Arrival geht nun mein HTC Hero zurück zum Lieferanten. Dies ist der Kontext zwischen dem Lieferanten und HTC bezüglich des LED und Headsetjack Problems. Schade, ich würde gerne weiter basteln an meinem Hero.

Bis ich ein Ersatzgerät bekomme, muss ich weiterhin mit meinem alten HTC Touch vorlieb nehmen.

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LEDs defekt, Freude vergangen?

Mein 2 Tage altes HTC Hero hat bereits einen Schaden: Die LEDs am Gehäse bleiben dunkel und der Kopfhörer/Headsetausgang still. In einigen Forumsbeiträgen finden sich Gleichgesinnte; das scheint also ein bekanntes Problem zu sein. Der HTC Support meint dazu:

“I would suggest speaking to the retailer of the device as its possible there could be a problem if the lights arnt lighting up for you.
this could cause other issues if the software is not working 100%”

Zuvor soll man aber einen Factory-Reset versuchen. Es wird gemunkelt, dass dies kaum ein Hardwareproblem sein kann, sondern wohl eher ein Firmware-Bug ist. Es bleibt zu hoffen, dass HTC das Problem bald in den Griff kriegt – denn die Gehäuse LEDs und deren Status-Informationen sind ein echter Vorteil gegenüber Apples iPhone.