Get the old HTC HD2 back alive

Long time ago, I received a HTC HD2 mobile phone, because the two former owners weren’t able to cope with the Window Mobile 6.5. To be honest, this Windows is crap, so I rommed the HTC HD2 to a MIUI Android, which was not longer supported than for Gingerbread. This release had its weaknesses, so I was unsucessfully looking for a ICS or JB ROM for HD2, until I’ve found Pacman.

With 512MB ROM, the HD2 has a little too less memory for ICS or JB, and without app2sd it’s practically useless. But withPacman ‘Xylograph’ built a HD2 ROM based on CM10/JB 4.1.2 and lots of other contributors, which finally fits in to Leo512 NAND. (Leo is the code name for the HTC HD2.) The ROM leaves out a lot of ‘need to have’ things, which you might never use. But, it also has very few ring and message tones.

So I was looking for to get free tones, and found a good collection on zedge.